Coffee Bars in Rome: The Best Places to Get Your Caffeine Fix

Do you reside in Rome but have yet to discover the best coffee bars? Believe it or not, Italy is a fantastic place to try coffee because it is the origin of the renowned latte and has a vibrant coffee culture.

Don’t panic if you haven’t discovered the greatest coffee yet. We’ll tell you about some of the top coffee bars in Rome that you’ll adore and cherish after that first sip of freshly made coffee!

Following is a carefully made list of the top coffee bars in Rome, Italy!

1. Sant’ Eustachio Il Caffè

Location: Piazza Sant’ Eustachio, 82

Sant’ Eustachio Il Caffè has been preserving the history of fine coffee and ensuring its excellence since 1938. They are known for their freshly roasted beans diluted with water from a historic canal.

The Caffe is a must-try for drinkers thanks to using the best arabica coffee in the mix.

This business offers a unique outdoor sitting space where you can enjoy coffee while taking in the scenery. It has the best Arabic coffee flavor imported from Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and the Galapagos Islands.

Try today to become acquainted with a world-class Arabic coffee establishment in Rome, which also happens to be quite reasonably priced!

2. Antico Caffè Greco

Location: Via dei Condotti, 86

This coffeehouse has been around since 1760 and has never failed to please with its deliciously prepared coffees! It’s one of Rome’s oldest coffee cafes. Many notable historical people have had the opportunity to sample their coffees’ delectability.

Its menu features a wide variety of coffees, hot beverages, cakes and biscuits, ice cream, water ices, soft drinks, cocktails, salads, sandwiches, and more!

This eatery is pricey, but it’s worth a try, especially if you’re a foreigner visiting Rome!

While the café may not be perfect for your daily coffee due to the high rates, it is good for crucial business meetings or if you are in the mood to treat yourself to an expensive café!

3. Tre Caf

Location: Via dei Due Macelli, 107

Tre Caffe is the place to go if you want some good coffee art at a fair price, as it is undoubtedly the greatest in terms of both flavor and affordability! The staff is usually cheerful and welcoming to the visitors!

The café is not only known for its excellent coffee but also for its delicious croissants that melt in your mouth!

Even though this establishment has only been open for a short time, it has swiftly gained a reputation! All credit goes to their dedicated employees, who work day and night tirelessly to establish a name in this fierce market!

4. Roscioli Caf

Location: Piazza Benedetto Cairoli 16

This coffee shop, although small but is very famous in Rome for its high-class coffee!

Although the pricing may dissuade you from exploring it, the patio is pleasant and gorgeous. Even if you’re not on a budget, it’s a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a coffee with a maritozzo, a particular cream-filled delight (the main specialty of this fantastic café).

If you’re searching for a fun setting to enjoy your Arabic coffee with a special buddy, stop by TODAY!

5. Bramante’s Cloister Café Bistrot

Location: Arco della Pace, 5

This is an exquisite artistic café that boasts an excellent location. It is great if you want to sip your coffee while doing important work on your laptop, as there’s plenty of space!

This coffee bar is sleek and energetic, but the outdoor tables beneath the arcades provide a sensory experience.


We all know how important coffee is in today’s world for a smooth, functioning life! Finding the greatest coffee shop that matches our needs is challenging, but now that we’ve compiled a list for you, we’re confident that we’ve made things much simpler! After visiting the coffee shops recommended above, we are confident that you will appreciate us!

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