You Cannot Afford to Miss the Charm of Rome Festivals & Events!

It doesn’t matter which month or season you visit Rome or the reasons that brought you here. What matters is that you attend some of the famous Rome festivals and events and experience the Italian charm hitting your soul’s sweet spots as you witness it with all your senses.

In this article, we have tried to focus on the main festivals that take place in different months of the year. We are doing so to help you plan your trip to Italy accordingly and catch the chance of being a part of one of these events. So, grab your favorite snack or drink, cuddle up in your favorite seat, and enjoy the various colors of Rome by reading our article till the end.  


There are many Rome festivals and events in January. Of course, you have the New Year’s celebrations and fireworks displays. You can book a reservation at Rome’s restaurants for fine dining.  

Then you have the end of the Christmas season on the 6th. Be sure to watch the Vatican procession, in which people in costume will take part.


Spending Valentine’s Day while enjoying Rome festivals and events will surely make you feel the romance in the air. Almost all outdoor places, like shops, cafes, restaurants, and hotels, will have offers and activities for you and your partner to enjoy.


The Feast Day of St. Francis is held on his death anniversary on the 9th. You can visit his monastery only on this date, which houses breathtaking frescos.

If you are a history enthusiast, you must attend Julius Caesar’s assassination re-enactment on the Ides of March. The event takes place at the original spot at the ruins at Largo Argentina, not the Forum, as many mistakenly think.


This is the time of year when Rome comes into full bloom, and the city celebrates this in the spring festival: Festa Della Primavera.

It is commonly believed that Rome was founded on the 21st. Hence its birthday is celebrated with many events. Enjoy the fireworks, concerts, parades, and historical displays that take place throughout the city.


The Open House Roma festival occurs only in the first or second week of May. Public and private buildings, otherwise closed to tourists, are opened for free. These include ancient, Neo-classical, Fascist-era, and modern architectural structures. 


Festa Della Repubblica on the 2nd celebrates with an official holiday, the occasion of abolishing the monarchy. Parades and other patriotic events take place around Italy.


This month takes a break from formal events and allows tourists to focus on their pursuits. It is a good thing because you can choose your events based on your interests. You may attend the light show at Fori Imperiali or enjoy various shopping festivals.


Do not miss the open-air opera shows held at the beginning of August and attend memorable performances at Baths of Caracalla with your friends. 


Rome festivals and events will keep your schedule pretty busy. However, make sure to be present at the Pantheon on the 4th at 1 pm to witness a beam of sunlight encompassing the high arc and bursting through the doorway in a magical phenomenon.


Rome Art Week provides a rich opportunity for visual art fans to enjoy free guided tours to more than 150 museums, galleries, exhibitions, and studios around the city.

Another art-related festival is the Roma Europa, which showcases new ideas in Italian Arts, covering areas like theater, music, dance, kids, and digital media products.  


Rome has hosted the Roma Jazz Festival for the past forty years during the first week of November. Auditorium Parco Della Musica holds concerts where local and international artists give their brightest performances.


Celebrating Christmas in Rome has a unique taste. The Christmas Fair is a festive market event heldat Piazza Navona. Take advantage of the seasonal deals while enjoying the scenic lights and trees that decorate the city to celebrate Christmas.

We could only mention major Rome festivals and events in our brief article. We are sure that you can imagine the dynamic environment in Rome. Choose events according to your wishes and interest, and choose Rome tours soon with your loved ones.